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Discover the Power of Strategic Planning!

Want to make a greater impact? You need a strategic plan.

For decades, author Ken Phillips has guided nonprofit organizations, professional networks, community associations, and even groups in formation to create reality-based strategic plans that result in substantial – sometimes meteoric – increases in revenues and program results.


This book presents Ken’s proven, easy-to-follow steps to create a strategic plan with realistic (yet stretching) goals. Plus, Ken guides you to create strong values and your new, desired culture to support those goals. Wherever you are in the organization, you can step up to lead this process.

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“Ken is a visionary leader who shares his successful approach to strategic planning in a simple and effective way. As a leader of a nonprofit organization whose values drive everything we do, I found Ken’s book to be incredibly powerful and helpful in our planning.”

—Karen A. Santilli, President & CEO, Crossroads Rhode Island, helping homeless or at-risk individuals
and families secure stable homes




Publisher: NGO Futures LLC

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3136-7

Genres: Business & Economics / Nonprofit Organizations & Charities / Management & Leadership / 
Fundraising & Grants

Retail Price: $16.95
(Wholesaler discounts available - contact
NGO Futures.)

Format: Paperback, B&W Photos

Trim: 6" x 9"

Pages: 324

Release Date: November 18, 2020

Also available as a Kindle eBook through Amazon.

Strategic Planning and Culture for Nonprofits: Clear and doable steps to create motivating plans and the supporting culture you need for success
By Ken Phillips
Book Two in the Civil Society Series

Get real-world advice, based on 55 years of experience.

  • Discover a very doable process – perfect for any nonprofit organization, community association, or group in formation.

  • Follow a surprisingly fast process honed from Ken’s decades as executive, fundraiser, trainer, and consultant.

  • Enjoy a planning process that is inspiring and motivating – not burdensome and unrealistic. 

  • Learn from the many worksheets, checklists, and examples included in this book.


Follow these steps to develop your strategic plan and new, desired culture:

  1. Vision for a better world that inspires others to join you

  2. Mission that empowers you to achieve results

  3. Strong values that guide you in everything you do

  4. Strategic goals you must achieve in several years

  5. Key strategies as the “how” to reach your goals

  6. Positioning to clarify how others see your organization

  7. Trustworthiness so stakeholders can trust you

  8. Culture so you behave and work together for success



"Ken has decades of wisdom to share from his experience with some of the world’s most highly respected NGOs, and this book is full of wisdom. He approaches topics like strategic planning and organization culture from a high level and then dives deep, providing templates and taking readers through exercises to create their own. As a former leader of a youth-led organization, AIESEC United States, I wish I had something like this to read before preparing for a five-day strategic planning retreat! I recommend this book to any leader with the aspirations to make a difference in their organization and the world."

– SIan Kawetschanky, Former President & CEO, AIESEC United States

"As a founder of a nonprofit in Nigeria, it has been particularly difficult to get adequate funding for all our projects and activities. This book has helped introduce me to the importance of strategic planning and how it can bring about sustainability within our organization. It also outlines practical ways to get all stakeholders within an organization involved in strategic planning, along with practical examples of organizations that have used this approach. I recommend this book for NGO leaders around the world. I believe it will help enhance our passion and enable us to achieve better outcomes."

– Titilayo Ogunbambi, Founder/Executive Director, Boundless Hands Africa Initiative


"Working with Ken was a lasting course in strategic planning. When moving on to other national and international organizations, those strategic planning skills prepared me for unimaginable challenges. Each time, I had the right tools to lead others in building a better society – from programs addressing U.S. child welfare systemic needs at the helm of two U.S. national organizations to leading international child-labor elimination programs and human rights work as CEO of a private foundation in Switzerland to my current work leading local programs for youth. In each leadership position, I have partnered with a local board and engaged loyal individuals and foundations. Each endeavor started with the foundational strategic planning approach I learned with Ken. Thank you, Ken, for this new book and for your amazing legacy in this field!"

– Sonia C. Velazquez, Executive Director of Literature for All of Us, Chicago

"Ken’s detailed and comprehensive strategic planning approach is absolutely helpful. For someone like me, who has for the last fifteen years planned for business organizations, it is very important to understand the differences and ways to properly plan for NGOs. I am sure our results at our regional nonprofit will improve significantly now that we are receiving his guidance."

– Patricia Ralston, President at AIESEC Alumni Iberoamérica, Lima, Peru

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