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Ken Wins the WBNA Award for Community Leadership

Ken Phillips has been honored with the WBNA Award for Community Leadership, a testament to his profound influence and dedication to community development and empowerment. This award, presented by Kari Lang, Executive Director of WBNA, recognizes his leadership in initiatives that have significantly benefited communities at both local and national levels.

Ken's approach to community leadership involves empowering individuals and groups to take active roles in their development and well-being. His efforts have fostered community engagement, enhanced social cohesion, and facilitated sustainable community projects.

WBNA (West Broadway Neighborhood Association) awards individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership in community development. Ken's receipt of this award highlights his innovative strategies and his commitment to promoting community values and participation.

Conclusion Ken's first involvement with WBNA was when as newly elected chairperson of the board, he transformed the association into the most effective neighborhood group in Providence, RI, by effective strategic planning, participatory meetings, significant community involvement, and fundraising development. At the end of his tenure, he received commendation from the Providence mayor. He has supported WBNA in various ways over the years. Visit :

Celebrate Ken's outstanding achievement and learn more about his initiatives in community leadership at

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