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I was thrilled to receive recognition from the Association of Fundraising Professionals as the "2024 Outstanding Fundraising Professional" at the "AFP ICON 2024, the largest conference of professional fundraisers in the world, with 3,000 members in attendance." It is an award for my lifetime of work as a leader, advocate, mentor, fundraiser, executive director, board member, consultant, and author for nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and many other countries. 

In his introductory comments for me at the award ceremony, AFP President and CEO Roger Ali cited what he called my "amazing career." AFP stated that this "award is the highest honor that AFP bestows, recognizing effective, creative, and inspiring fundraising, as well as the practice and promotion of ethical standards and best practices within the industry."

"The Civil Society Series" by Ken Phillips is a series of six books on the essential steps to make your nonprofit organization or community association effective and efficient so you can continue to grow and have greater impact to make this a better world. Books 1-4 are now available below. Make a Better World Books 1-3 are now available in Spanish hereSimilarly, Book 1 is now available in French here.

"...The book is well organized and easy to follow: Phillips uses graphics, charts, bulleted lists, worksheets, and summaries of preceding paragraphs into “key points” so that all of the chapters flow easily and recapitulate the main themes. Though long and thorough, the guide is easily digestible..."
—David Holmes, CANDID, Philanthropy News Digest

Click here to read Ken's Featured Review in full

The entire series is based on the author's 60 years of leadership as fundraiser, executive director, board member, trainer, and consultant for NGOs in the United States and around the world. His focus is on strategy, teamwork, and leadership for nonprofit organizations and community associations. Everyone can play an important role where they are employed, where they live, where they study, and whatever age they may be. It is up to all of us!

His belief is that you can make a difference whatever your role is in an organization - executive director, fundraiser, board member, other staff, or active volunteer. Underlying all he has written is the conviction that leaders often operate at all levels of an organization and in all areas of society. Few of us will be historic leaders, but most of us can lead from where we are right now in society, in the company or agency where we work, in our neighborhood or community, and in our family as well.

Read more the article: "Peer to Peer Sharing and Learning" 

Click here to read the article 

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Ken Phillips
Civil Society Strategist, 
Consultant, Mentor, Author
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Backed by sixty years of leadership in the nonprofit or charity sector, Ken Phillips has earned respect around the globe for his expertise on strategy, teamwork, and leadership. His writing is based on twenty-five years of practical experience leading and managing nonprofits plus thirty years of consulting and training in leadership, strategic planning, fundraising, and organizational development with hundreds of organizations in the United States, Eastern Europe, and other regions and now a focus on writing for five years.

He was most recently honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ most prestigious award as the Outstanding Fundraising Professional in 2024. "The Outstanding Fundraising Professional award is the highest honor that AFP bestows, recognizing effective, creative, and inspiring fundraising, as well as the practice and promotion of ethical standards and best practices within the industry. Phillips received the award in Toronto on Sunday, April 7, at AFP ICON 2024, the largest conference of professional fundraisers in the world, with 3,000 members in attendance."


Ken believes the world desperately needs a more civil society and more effective and successful non-governmental organizations. In this groundbreaking guidebook, he shares real-world advice based on decades of leading diverse organizations to greater success.

Make a Better World, the first book in his Civil Society Series, is about the leadership and fundraising effort needed throughout an organization. Ken’s insights are strategic, practical, and proven. His common-sense strategies are clear and persuasive. And his personal stories from experiences around the world will inspire readers! Strategic Planning and Culture and 25 Proven Strategies will guide you efficiently and effectively through these essential processes for fundraising.

Trust, Impact, and Fundraising for Nonprofits: How meaningful ethics and strategic evaluation can multiply your revenue and expand your program demonstrates the importance of having applied ethics and demonstrated results with accountable communications to earn the trust and support of donors.




“Ken, your book offers so much practical, sensible thinking and information for people throughout the NGO world to take advantage of in their important efforts to be as effective, useful and successful as possible.”

– William S. Moody, Retired Program Director,
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, New York City

* * *


“Ken Phillips is an expert in the field of civil society and philanthropy. He shares ideas, encouragement, insights, and makes real change happen. I can name a hundred organizations that flourished thanks to Ken’s thoughtful and courageous guidance.”

– Svitlana Kuts, Founder, Institute of Fundraising Professionals, Ukraine


* * *

“Ken Phillips covers all the ABCs of strategic fundraising. He writes well and in a detailed fashion about both the rationale for good planning and then HOW to process and DO it.”

– William Reese, CEO, International Youth Foundation, USA


* * *

“Ken is a visionary leader who shares his successful approach to strategic planning in a simple and effective way. As a leader of a nonprofit organization whose values drive everything we do, I found Ken’s book to be incredibly powerful and helpful in our planning.”

– Karen A. Santilli, President & CEO, Crossroads Rhode Island,
helping homeless or at-risk individuals and families secure stable homes


* * *

“Trust is the primary currency that enables the charitable sector to exist. Ken Phillips reminds us of the need for charities to demonstrate trustworthiness. This is perhaps more critical now than ever before. We are experiencing historically low numbers of people donating to charities. If this is to change, charity leaders would do well to consider the themes in this book.”

– H. Art Taylor, President & Chief Executive Officer, BBB Wise Giving Alliance

* * *

“Ken’s detailed and comprehensive strategic planning approach is absolutely helpful. I am sure our results at our regional nonprofit will improve significantly now that we are receiving his guidance.”

– Patricia Ralston, President at AIESEC Alumni Iberoamérica, Lima, Peru


* * *

“Based on decades of practical, hands-on success with international charities, Ken Phillips sets forth in this book detailed prescriptions for nonprofit organizations to build greater trust from donors, increased impact for beneficiaries, expanded achievement of mission, and achieve more fundraising success.”

– Renowned fundraising consultant Roger M. Craver, Editor, The Agitator, U.S.A.


* * *

“Trust in people, purpose, and performance is fundamental to establish and maintain relationships between donors and NGOs, and is therefore a primary currency for all nonprofits. Ken’s book, enlivened with personal stories and case studies, will help you build trust and enhance your impact.” 

– James Magowan, Coordinating Director,
European Community Foundation Initiative, E.U.

* * *

"Ken's book is a practical guide that can help any nonprofit enhance its impact by developing and implementing a meaningful monitoring and evaluation program (or strengthening an existing one). It also highlights just how important it is to communicate with donors about the measurable effect their support is providing. It provides thought-provoking case studies into how these principles are being put into action at organizations large and small – and how you can adapt their approaches to support your goals.”

– Janti Soeripto, President & CEO, Save the Children US


* * *

“Ken’s advice helped our partner organizations understand that fundraising is not a task of fundraisers only. It needs commitment from top management and the entire organization.”

– Jean-Noel Wetterwald, Chief, Resource Mobilization Branch,
United Nations Population Fund, New York, USA

* * *

“As a visionary and fearless leader in empowering nonprofits to reach their full potential, Ken was instrumental to NYC Kids Project’s birth and growth. Ken guided us to establish our organizational backbone of vision and mission at the early stage and continued to challenge and inspire us to think bigger and reach higher as we thrived. In the meantime, he equipped us with tools for success through his expertise in fundraising and connections as we grew from zero to impacting thousands of children in New York City today.”

– Nell Mei, former Board Chair, New York City Kids Project


* * *

“Ken’s books cover the most important themes for NGOs – leadership, principles of fundraising, strategic planning, and now strategies for fundraising, all based on actual experience. Every executive and every fundraiser needs to master what he shares.”

– Mari Teneberg, Managing Director,
Leadership Management International, Sweden

* * *

“Ken Phillips is the fundraising gurus’ guru. Our paths have crossed in both Ukraine and Mexico where I have listened to his brilliant and inspiring talks. Now we have him on tap in his series of invaluable books. Strategy, so important and so neglected, is often ignored until we are overcome by disaster and think seriously, ‘What went wrong? Where did our donors go?’ Now Ken has outlined 25 strategies you can put into practice before problems come knocking, which will reduce your stress levels even in these hard times.”

–John Baguley, Chair, International Fundraising Consultancy, London
(with offices in the UK, USA, and a dozen other countries)


* * *

“Ken Phillips has been sharing the secrets of fundraising with me since the beginning of my career. His contribution to the development of civil society in the Czech Republic and in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe is significant. He passes on experience and knowledge patiently, clearly, and with respect to the diversity of environments and cultural customs. If you want to learn more about fundraising smoothly and pleasantly, Ken Phillips is always a good choice.”

–Jana Ledvinová, CEO, Czech Fundraising Center,
Prague, Czech Republic



Ken Phillips, NGO Futures LLC

strategist | consultant | mentor | author

Boston, MA 02131 USA


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