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The Eight Leadership Truths

Having presented eight common leadership myths in the previous blog, it's essential to understand the real truths that underpin effective leadership. This installment of our "Three Minutes for Insights" series focuses on the eight leadership truths that can guide you in becoming a better leader and manager, whether you hold a formal title or not.

Eight Leadership Truths :

  1. People Become Leaders Through Experience Leadership is developed through experience. As individuals encounter various situations, they learn and grow, enhancing their leadership abilities over time. Practical experience is invaluable in shaping a competent leader. Learn from your experience and get better as a leader!

  2. Everyone Can Be a Leader if They Step Up Leadership is not confined to those at the top. Anyone can become a leader by recognizing needs and opportunities and stepping up to address them. Effective leadership is about taking initiative and producing positive change, both large and small. I’ve seen so many people decide to step up! See Blog 4 for Six Steps to Leadership.

  3. Leaders Are Needed at All Levels in an Organization An organization thrives when leadership is present at all levels. This ensures that innovation and improvement are continuous processes, driven by individuals who are closest to the issues and opportunities. As an executive, I always wanted others to lead when they saw a problem to solve or opportunity to use. They often knew the answers before I knew the questions. Together, we achieved much more.

  4. Good Leaders Lead by Inspiration and Motivation Inspirational leadership is more effective than forceful leadership. Leaders who inspire and motivate their teams foster a positive and productive environment, leading to better outcomes and greater satisfaction.

  5. Good Leaders Innovate so Managers Get Better Results Leaders drive innovation, which in turn enables managers to achieve better results. By fostering a culture of creativity and continuous improvement, leaders can help their organizations stay ahead of the curve. Spanish. It is the managers who are responsible for getting good results. 

  6. Good Leaders Are Grounded in Values and Character  Character and values are the bedrock of good leadership. Values are… and character is who you are and how you act, as defined by others who see and hear you in action. Leaders with strong ethical foundations and a commitment to positive societal impact build trust and integrity within their organizations.

  7. Both Women and Men are Good Leaders The best leadership is not gender-specific. Both men and women bring unique strengths and perspectives to leadership roles. Diverse leadership teams are more effective, innovative, and successful.

  8. Good Leaders are Good Coaches and Mentors Effective leaders invest in developing others. By coaching and mentoring, they help their team members grow and succeed, which in turn strengthens the organization as a whole.


Embracing these leadership truths can transform your approach to leadership and help you drive meaningful change within your organization. As An Nguyen, Former President of AIESEC Vietnam, wrote, “I wish I read this before. It would have helped me achieve much better results. Your book is a great and detailed resource on leadership and fundraising.” For more insights and strategies on effective leadership, visit

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